About Me   

   Hello! My name is Kelly Crozier, and I am the creator of LovelyOdds. I first started wire wrapping in 2015, shortly after discovering crystals and their benefits. I’ve always loved the idea of turning a beautiful piece of the earth into something that can be worn and carried with someone throughout the day. Through my years of experience, I have watched my skills and techniques improve, and I’m now able to determine the best materials to work with. I typically keep my designs fairly simple, in order to let the beauty of the crystal shine through. I do my best to keep my jewelry affordable, so that it can be enjoyed by many. I see myself as a conduit, presenting the crystal in a way that will attract the right person for it. 


   I do all of the small jobs that running your own handmade business requires; from creating and photographing, to sourcing materials, pricing, writing product descriptions and corresponding with customers. It’s certainly necessary to wear many hats in this position, but I like to see it as an opportunity to constantly learn and grow my skill set. 


   On the side of LovelyOdds, I’m also a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP). I graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in November 2020. I learned so many valuable things in this program, some of my favourites being Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine and Holistic Food Prep. I grew up on the SAD diet, and maintained a poor relationship with food, and I have come such a long way since then. Now, I’m passionate about helping others see the healing potential that dietary changes and herbal remedies have to offer.